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Creative Writing Workshop: Alliteration

Our in-house, world record-setting writer, Christopher "The Real Frii" Elliott, lively engages students with a creative writing workshop covering Alliteration. He holds the FIRST-EVER official world record for "Longest Written Alliteration", featured in his poetry book titled The Epic Poem: Mastermind (featured in the New Haven Register, Boston Globe, and These workshops include a full class set (30 hard copies) of the world record-setting book.

Longest Alliteration World Record_edited_edited.jpg

Vocalanthropy: Podcast Workshop/ Curriculum 

"Vocalanthropy" is a 4 to 8-week program designed to introduce youth to the world of podcasting and empower them to create their own podcasts. Through a series of workshops, participants will learn various aspects of podcast production, including content development, recording techniques, editing, and publishing. The program aims to foster creativity, self-expression, and digital literacy skills among youth, enabling them to amplify their voices and share their stories with the rest of the world. Vocalanthropy is also available as a condensed workshop.

Podcast Production. Graphic Design. Voice Over. Ghost Writing & More...

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