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Helping brands and individuals BECOME and ILLUSTRATE the best version of themselves is what we do best. We do this by providing brand consultation that makes use of industry standard best-practices and, what we’ve coined as, a “social-at-last” approach to branding and marketing across various digital media platforms. This unique approach seeks to foster genuine social connection with the consumer, that goes far beyond a monetary exchange, and continues for generations to come. 




Frii Branding LLC, provides content creation, podcast executive production, and voiceover services to industry brands, private companies, and non-profit organizations. We are fully insured, A+ rated and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and a Certified State of Connecticut Minority Owned Small Business Enterprise (S/MBE). Other services we provide brands and agencies include the following: -Social media content creation -Voiceover services (tv/film/social media) -Branding Consultant -Brand photography & videography -BTS video -Graphic merch design -Graphic logo design -Podcast executive production, Ghost Writing and more.




Our logo is a visual representation of our company's values and unique approach to branding and marketing. At first glance, it reflects the front-facing silhouette of an elephant’s head, a majestic creature known for its wisdom and remarkable memory.


Choosing an elephant as a symbol aligns with our commitment to truly understanding and "remembering" the individual consumer. We believe that effective branding goes beyond a monetary exchange; it involves recognizing the unique needs, desires, and experiences of each person we serve.


Upon closer inspection, you'll notice that the elephant's eyes are composed of two back-to-back images. These images depict silhouettes of a figure lowering a line into water, to another figure seen swimming towards the line. This subtle detail represents our dedication to fostering connections and providing assistance. Our goal is to create meaningful connections between brands and consumers, helping them navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape.


Next, you'll notice that the elephant's trunk ends with an infinity symbol. This represents continuity and the source of fuel we believe necessary for brand success when we align with a cause greater than our individual selves. Just as the elephant holds water in its trunk for nourishment and greets its kind by intertwining trunks, our company aims to foster genuine and authentic connections between our clients and the consumers they serve.  


Our logo encapsulates our dedication to adopting industry best practices, empathy, and the power of real connection. It serves as a reminder of our mission to help brands and individuals become and illustrate the best version of themselves.

*Speaking of logos, we can help you with that too...


About Us



Podcast Production. Graphic Design. Voice Over. Ghost Writing & More...

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